New Poll + Aleph Candid Results

This week’s new poll is about Natalie’s appearance on South Park. Hopefully you’ve seen it by now, but I’ll include options for those who haven’t.

The South Park poll

And for the last poll, well you guys and gals have spoken loud and clear. You overwhelmingly voted that we include Aleph candids on the site. As suggested in the comments section, we will keep Aleph off the main site and indicate when certain galleries will include pictures of him.

The final results can be found after the jump.

What should be our policy on candids of Natalie and Aleph?

Include photos of him. If the photos are out there then why not view them here. – 68.7% (250 votes)

Don’t post any photos that show Aleph’s face. Obscuring his face is fine. – 31.3% (114 votes)