Here’s a new batch of mini updates to chase away the blues.

– There are reports (Yahoo and Celebitchy for example) suggesting that Benjamin has quit ballet to becoming a full time dad. Compromises were made, I’m sure, but they fail to mention that he’s now the face of Yves Saint Laurent and he’s now the artist in residence at the LA Music Center.

– Potential Oscar nominee and new sensation on the block, Shailene Woodley, has previously spoken about her admiration of Natalie. She does so again in this Variety piece.

“I think Natalie Portman is bad ass because everything she does comes from such passion,” laughs Woodley. “I really admire her and hope I can work the same way.”

– Finally, here is a piece about Wuthering Heights, which mentions that Natalie was attached at one point. I’m really looking forward to the film because a) Kaya Scodelario is gorgeous and b) Andrea Arnold’s last film, Fish Tank, was incredible.