New Poll + South Park Results

The new poll was sparked by the comments section of the LACMA update. The poll question is very simple…

Natalie’s LACMA look was…

As for our last poll about Natalie’s South Park experience, the results were clearly more positive than negative. My own personal opinion was the option that came out tops, which was that Natalie’s appearance was a real kick bu the episode itself was a bit “meh”.

Full results are after the jump…

What did you think of Natalie’s appearance on South Park?

Was cool seeing her on the show but the episode wasn’t great. – 30.7% (66 votes)

Hilarious. Loved it. – 29.8% (64 votes)

I haven’t seen it. – 19.5% (42 votes)

I haven’t seen it but I love the idea. – 14.4% (31 votes)

Disrespectful and not funny. – 5.6% (12 votes)