New Poll + LACMA Results

We’re long due for a new poll and I’ve decided to make it about the Gucci project. Ridley Scott is interested in bringing Natalie onto this project (read about it here), but are you guys interested as well? Let’s find out.

The Gucci Poll

No surprises that the winning results of the last poll was a thumbs up for Natalie’s LACMA cuteness, but there were certainly a fair share of fans that were not as enamored.

Full results are after the jump.

Natalie’s LACMA look was…

Cute as a button. – 48.2% (109 votes)

Dowdy as a librarian. – 23.9% (54 votes)

Sexy as a librarian. – 15.9% (36 votes)

A haircut that makes her head look literally like a button. – 11.9% (27 votes)