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Hey all

Sonoyta found a couple pics of Natalie – on her way back to the states – at Heathrow with an international man of mystery. Click here and here.

The Internet Movie Awards are currently open for voting. Nat and Garden State are up for several awards so head over there, register, and get voting!

If you weren’t able to view that video of Nat speaking Hebrew in yesterday’s update…well Mart is here to save the day. Right click and save.

You know, we haven’t had a poll in awhile. Let’s buck the trend and post one – the new poll.

Here are the results of the last one:

Wow, I’m really running out of oscar poll ideas…so…err…are you going to watch the broadcast?

Absolutely 54.94% (239 votes)

I’ll wait to download the clips off np.com like the sponge that I am 28.51% (124 votes)

Just until Nat’s award 15.63% (68 votes)

Personally, I’m going to stay up to watch the arrivals and then hold out till Nat’s award. Quick update and then off to bed. I’ll watch the whole thing in the morning when I can fast forward past the ad breaks and dead people montages.

Moving along…

And just 3 pieces of fanart to round things off.

Barry sent in a couple patriotic wallpapers.


While Jen sent in this nice warm wallpaper.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Wear something nice.


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