No news is…TIDBITS!

– The daughter of Ray ‘Sexy Beast’ Winstone, Jaime Winstone, is also an actress. She mentions that Natalie is on her wishlist of actresses she’d like to work with.

I have a wish list of actors I’d love to work with, and she’s definitely on it. Then there’s Kathy Burke, Emily Watson, Natalie Portman and Mia Farrow – I’d really love to do a weird film with her.

– It sounds like Natalie’s No Strings Attached co-star, Mindy Kaling, might talk about Natalie in her new book.

Her chapter devoted to things Jewish guys need to stop doing (obsessing over Natalie Portman, among other things) is Mindy at her most risque.

– Finally, there’s an HBO show called “The Life and Times of Tim”, which I’ve never heard of. Apparently Tim has a “slutty” Natalie poster in his office…?