Natalie Not Happy With Marvel

The Hollywood Reporter has followed up on the Patty Jenkins leaving Thor 2 story, and it looks like it might not have been as amicable as the first news made it seem. Get a load of this…

Sources say Jenkins was fired without warning from a job that would have made her the first woman to direct a superhero tentpole. The news was out before anyone had told Portman, who had strongly urged Marvel to hire the director of 2003’s Monster. According to sources, Portman had begun to question whether she wanted to continue acting at all right now — possibly for several years — because she wants to spend time with her baby boy, who was born in June. Portman was said to be re-engaged in Thor 2 because of Jenkins’ involvement and especially proud that she would have played a role in opening the door for a woman to direct such a film. The Oscar winner is contractually obligated to stay with the project and Marvel is now said to be working overtime to smooth over the situation by including her in discussions about whom to hire as a replacement.

I suggest reading the full article, because they talk to sources from the Jenkins and Marvel side, and the stories are widely different. It certainly sounds like Marvel are in the wrong here, if not for firing Patty Jenkins then in hiring her in the first place.