The Stylist Speaks

Natalie’s stylist, Kate Young, has some incredible nice things to say about Natalie in this new interview. When asked what the best thing about styling Natalie was, she responded…

My favorite look she’s worn was Givenchy Couture at Cannes. Why do I love dressing her? She is someone I really respect and admire and like. She’s a good friend and a good person. She is someone I know as a regular person. I have two assistants during this time of year and we were all watching the Golden Globes together and they know her. We spend a lot of time with her and every time the camera panned to her during the show we were like “WOW!” She is someone we know who is a normal, good, awesome person and then you see her in hair and makeup with jewelry and a dress and we somehow forget, which seems impossible, that she is just about the most beautiful person on the planet right now. So that is awesome to see her sometimes and be removed from it and be like “Holy sh*t, she’s beautiful.” I should show you my text messages. I texted her during the Globes saying, “Holy sh*t, you’re gorgeous. We are dying.”

As a bonus, here is another interview with Kate in which she reveals she styled Natalie for a Dior shoot last week. Something to look forward to later in the year.