Scruples Pilot

By January 31, 2012Nat-news

Back in September we posted about Natalie possibly getting into the TV game, as an executive producer on a soap opera called Scruples.

Well, ABC has ordered up a pilot and…ugh…I really have no interest in this at all. You can read about it over at Deadline Hollywood.

Does anyone care?


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  • KOKSMAN says:

    You know when Natalie gave the SAG award she said ” and the oscar goes to”….

  • Dazza says:

    LOL. She says “and the ACTOR goes to…”

  • Natasc says:

    No kidding! I just had to watched again because I couldn’t believe…. rofl
    I believe she was going to say Oscar and then changed to actor… but really, where was her head?
    I don’t think she was really into that party at all…lol

  • omgzrachel says:

    I didn’t hear Oscar at all.

    I’m totally uninterested in Scruples, especially on that network.