New Poll + Malick Results

Natalie’s fashion week appearance was a weird one for me. You had the indoors look and the outdoor coat look. For both looks I felt that she appeared amazingly youthful looking and that the fringe/bangs wasn’t really working for me.

However, while the indoor look left me feeling quite blah, the mere addition of that coat jettisoned the look from the lower reaches of Natalie history to closer to the top.

So, I want to see if you guys had a similar impression, or perhaps even felt the opposite…

The Fashion Week poll

The results of the big Malick news was surprising. I thought there would be a lot more people who feel his films aren’t their cup of tea, but the “disappointing” and “worrying” options got just 12 votes between them. That said, a quarter of voters don’t know Malick’s films, so the negative number would surely be higher if they had sampled what Malick is all about.

Full results are after the jump.

Natalie signing up for two Terrence Malick films is…

Absolutely fantastic news. – 55% (99 votes)

Hopefully positive but I know nothing about Malick. – 26.7% (48 votes)

Great news but more because of the cast than anything else. – 11.7% (21 votes)

Worrying because Malick’s films can be a challenge to create and watch. – 3.9% (7 votes)

Disappointing as his films aren’t for me. – 2.8% (5 votes)