New Poll + Fashion Week Results

Just a quick little Oscar poll to see how many of you will be tuning in tomorrow night.

The Oscar anticipation poll

Vindication! Okay, a lot of people thought both looks were good but there were more people who felt, like me, that the coat transformed the look.

Full results are a click away…

Natalie’s fashion weekly look included an indoor look and a long coat for outdoors. Which opinion is closest to your own?

The coat transforms a meh look into something special. – 44.8% (69 votes)

They’re both great. – 33.1% (51 votes)

They’re both decent enough. – 13.6% (21 votes)

The look without the coat is much better. – 6.5% (10 votes)

They’re both an eyesore. – 1.9% (3 votes)