Dignity And Embarrassment

We’ve got two contrasting articles from the Academy Awards, showing off two sides of Natalie.

The first is an account of Natalie’s presenting and another story from the after party. I suggest you head here and scroll down to the Natalie photo to read the entire thing, but here is a taste.

Dujardin had to eventually dash off the stage as the curtain closed upon him. He bumped heavily into the diminutive Portman in the process and made her lose her balance, before saving the day by catching her in typically charismatic style.

Just when I thought he couldn’t get any more annoying…

More positively, here is a Huffington Post piece about Natalie’s Oscar gown. The writer possibly goes a little over the top, but it’s a fun read and very complimentary. Below is an excerpt.

I admire a woman, like Portman, who can so bravely stand equal to her clothes. We need more examples like Portman’s in fashion because too often women fall into the trap of thinking fashion is meant to enhance what we don’t feel confident about.