We’ve got quite an eclectic batch of tidbits for you guys today. Let’s hop to it.

– Australian Marie Claire got surgeons to fess up as to what celebrity body parts are the most requested from clients. Yahoo reports on the results are put together a composite of the most popular female parts (above the neck at least). Natalie lands somewhere on that composite. Take a guess where and then check for yourself.

– The 3D release of The Phantom Menace is winding down now and will end up with around $43 million. Not sure how successful that is. Seems a bit low after such a strong opening. Guess we’ll know when Titanic hits.

– French musician/actress, Soko, mentioned Natalie when talking to Tetu Magazine. Tetu mentioned Natalie being one of the sexiest women in the world and Soko countered by saying that Mila Kunis was much sexier. I’d be upset if she hadn’t made the cutest song of the last few years.

– Les lectrices de TÊTUE ont récemment désigné Olivia Wilde femme la plus sexy de 2011». Elle a devancé Natalie Portman et Amber Heard. Tu vois qui est Amber Heard?
– Pas du tout! Mais je trouve que la fille la plus sexy du monde c’est l’autre meuf de Black Swan, Mila Kunis. Elle fait quand même 1000 fois plus lesbienne que Natalie Portman… T’as quand même 1000 fois plus envie de la galocher elle, non?