Untitled Terrence Malick Film Update

That’s what we’re now going to have to call Terrence Malick’s Lawless, for the time being. It turns out that it was actually Malick who, being a big fan of director John Hillcoat, offered them the title. A producer on the Hillcoat flick breaks it down

We’d always wanted the title Lawless but it was always unavailable to us. Terry very graciously gave us the go-ahead to use it, because, he said, he’s a fan of John’s. He gets a special thank you in the movie.”

In even stranger news, The Playlist reports that 80’s group The Cult performed improvised scenes with Rooney Mara at SXSW, while Matthew McConaughey played congas (hopefully with clothes on for a change).

Read The Playlist’s report on the matter and then try and wrap your head around what Terrence Malick is planning for this film.