April Fools

By April 2, 2012Site-news

Yesterday we executed the most subtle April Fools joke of them all…by not doing an April Fools joke. I actually remembered weeks ago, for a change, and after some head scratching decided to do a special NP.COMic, instead of trying to punk everyone.

Unfortunately, the artist Matt has been M.I.A for a few weeks. I’m not sure what has happened but apologies for not delivering…although if I didn’t mention it, nobody would have been any the wiser. Doh.


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  • whenpukedries says:

    You snooze, you lose, Happy April Fools!

  • PatrynXX says:

    Hate april fools anyway. messed my SS payments up. yeah april fools NSF in the bank. grrrrrrrrr

  • PatrynXX says:

    Fortunately we didn’t forget earth hour. Which many idiots took for some reason meaning no light. o_O um what no candles? A really good candle you can read by…