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By April 5, 2012Nat-news

We’ve got a couple clips from Natalie’s Paris visit. The first is a brief snippet from her appearance at the Dior press event. In it she explains the significance of the Rouge Dior Nude shade number, 169, and in doing so confirms that Aleph was born in June (just like his mom, dad and grandmother). I guess September is the month of unbridled sex for this family ­čśŤ

The second clip is a video of Natalie leaving her hotel to the Dior dinner.


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  • C├ędPortman says:

    she is so beautiful

    I want to know: y’en you there among you who have already met Natalie? if so it is nice to his fans or not? thank you for answering me

  • Adonis says:

    @ C├ędPortman: Have you ever met Natalie? Because if I tell you now, (which indeed may be) YES, I’m Natalie met before, you’ll believe it then?
    Thank you!

  • whenpukedries says:

    9 is a magic number? no 69 is a magic number. I think the number of broken English comments has increased since she married Ben.