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By May 15, 2012Nat-news

It’s funny, you almost don’t need paparazzi when you’re in NY. We had this and this and now a stalkery Instagram snap from behind.

Would you do the same or would you be willing to risk friends giving you the “yeah right” treatment when you tell the story of how you momentarily shared the same sidewalk as Natalie?


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  • natness says:

    I´d probably do the same, and feel very bad about it afterwards.

  • Adonis says:

    If I had Natalie met on the street, I would have done in this situation only one thing:
    “Hi Natalie! Would you give me your autograph, I’m a big fan of them and their films.”
    Would be immediately got into conversation with her ​​that I would certainly give her attention. Because Natalie knows and feels sure if anyone thinks it honestly and seriously. And finally, if they wanted, with my iPhone, a photo together, but never secretly photographing or filming from behind.
    Well when I’m back next time in New York … perhaps, may be yes?

  • CédPortman says:

    if one day I get to see Natalie true I would ask him to take a picture with me if I can hold it by the size of the picture and finally if I can get an autograph from her. Is what I would be able to take a stolen picture of Natalie? I do not know

  • AMSSERME says:

    To do this kind of stalkery snapshot one has to be careful not to catch Natalie’s attention.She certainly would frown and disapproved being photographed.

    @Adonis-I don’t think Natalie would give you her autograph if you go and asked forward,after all she does not know you.But perhaps if you go to Natalie’s movie premiere there’s a chance that she may sign some autographs and that would be your chance.

    I frankly if I see her in person,I would be a little nervous and would not dare to snapshot her without her permission.I consider these cellphone photographers brave and bold.

  • Juan234 says:

    wow, the worst thing you can do is ask for an autograph, IMO. What good is an autograph anyway?

    Say hi and that you like her work. Then let her go about her business if she doesn’t converse further.

  • Adonis says:

    No autographed by Natalie – why not? It always comes out of the way you are, and how you behave.
    “I always think good and positive”!
    Natalie would certainly give everyone an autograph, because it has determined no problem if you’re the right person.