Portmania 14 Ahoy

By May 20, 2012Site-news

The year is stacked with big sequels, from Dark Knights Rising to James Bond Skyfalling. But none are bigger than Portmania 14, our annual celebration of Natalie’s triumphant exit from her mother’s vagina.

Sanjiro will return to host and this time he’s wearing his critics hat. If you don’t know what that means, good. It’s called a tease.

The amount of fanart we’ve gotten this year has been great, so I’m hoping you talented artists can continue to rise to the occasion. We want your most creative and silly work, as we celebrate Portmania and Natalie’s 31st birthday.

You can email me any submissions or go ahead and post them in the forum.


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  • PatrynXX says:

    uh….. as a long time 007 fan. and the fact Bond invented reboots. and star trek is a remake not a reboot, Spiderman this year is a reboot, so is the Hulk.. and Batman. but not star trek 😛 anyway. SKyfall looks pretty good. Just need natalie to show up on there sometime, possibly in a roll similar to Leon 😛 teehee.