New Poll + Rap Results

I know I was going to do the Barbarella poll but, hell, Jane Got A Damn Gun, Yo. Can’t ignore that.

So, are you folks psyched or dismayed at the news?

The Jane Got A Gun poll

As for the SNL rap poll, the 3 positive answers all received a lot of votes. We can say that Natalie fans are definitely clamoring for more rapping, but the level of enthusiasm varies. Check out the results after the jump.

How badly would you like to see Natalie do another FULL SNL rap?

It would be hard to repeat the original success but I’d be curious. – 35.2% (64 votes)

I’d be more excited about that than a new film. – 26.9% (49 votes)

It would be a nice but there are more important things. – 25.8% (47 votes)

Not very. It was funny but it’s played out now. – 5.5% (10 votes)

Not at all. Rapping is beneath her and it’s just not that funny. – 2.2% (4 votes)