wella wella wella

alright dudes, PORTMANIA DAY FOUR has Arrived and ana sends in a PORTMANIA PICTURE!

and NOW can i take a moment and confess that i am afraid of FISH.

they creep me out. I remember when I was a kid i would see ads in comic books for sea monkeys. and they had pictures of a sea monkey family and why the hell would i want that in my house?!?

i hate going to pet stores because I HATE THE AQUARIUM!!

look at this thing!

even though that’s not a fish it’s still a freaking weird thing in our ocean!!

less than 10% of the ocean has been explored!! WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE IS UNDER THERE?!?! that’s just damn scary.


which directly leads us to the PORTMANIA MOVIE OF THE DAY: HESHER.

Natalie is not in Hesher much at all. but she does wear glasses and falls in a pool with all her clothes on. she is a Beautiful Loser. and TRIVIA Natalie also Produced this movie. and so I would recommend it.

i want to take a moment and confess that not only am i afraid of fish but i forgot that The Other Woman also came out last year. so this should have been 6 movies and i screwed up!!! i honestly thought i had seen all the nat movies that came out in a row last year. what can we do?!?! i don’t have time to watch it and i have no days left!! if i had only known i could have put a movie up on monday!

and so, PORTMANIA DAY FOUR comes to a close. only TWO more DAYS until Natalie’s BIRTHDAY!! all the PORTMANIA songs will have been sung. BUT. Tomorrow’s MOVIE OF THE DAY will be Your Highness. THE FINEST MOVIE OF THEM ALL.