New Interview

Toto has found a new Natalie interview, which is unfortunately in French…unless you are French, in which case, bonjour.

Luckily the Google translation isn’t too bad, although if a French visitor want’s to volunteer to clean up the translation, that would be great.

One answer was especially interesting. Is Natalie considering taking French nationality?

Everything comes back to your country. Moreover, living with a French, I can now take French nationality, which is not an option for me: what would be the fulfillment of our dreams Francophiles, my father and myself.

My father named in honor of Natalie’s song Bécaud Gilbert. I started here, I was 12 at the time, I spent three months in Paris. Then later, I studied French, I speak with an accent and an embarrassing grammar approximate. I love France, its people, its culture, its history. Everything in my life led me to a French family …