Saif To Say He Won’t Do That Again

Bollywood actor, Saif Ali Khan, mentioned a few days ago that he was working on a new project with Natalie. On Thursday we were quick to shoot down his comments, and just assumed he was trying to get some publicity by name dropping Natalie.

As it turns out, his reasoning might have been the complete opposite. Khan has confessed to joking about the Natalie project, as a way of getting back at the media who are always speculating about his career and personal life and, in his view, making up stories.

Only problem is, his little joke resulted in his phone “ringing day in and day out” as the media scrambled to find out more about the project. For what it’s worth, here is his…errr…apology?

“It was a joke, I am sorry”, smiles Saif, “It’s just that I am very annoyed with speculations on all the aspects of my life. If this goes on, I might just start making up stories like these to entertain myself. Hope people will understand that.”