Natalie out and about in Beverly Hills

By August 11, 2012Nat-news

I’ve updated the gallery with a new set of candid photos of Natalie leaving an office building in Beverly Hills yesterday, in which she attempts to look threatening with a key fob.


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  • a Bit in love says:

    Beautiful, mild and elegant. Loving the clothes. I wonder since when she is driving a Mercedes.
    Seeing her like this makes me feel becalmed in a way. Everything seems to be fine.
    I think her life is of high consistency. Like Natness said before – like all struggle has come to an end. Her struggle for an identity, respect and appreciation – she earned it all. That’s what I like abotu her: struggling – fighting – winning. No that I’m that kind of a fighter, but her life is very remarkable and inspiring. Being on top of the world it’s difficult to find some direction – it’s like climbing a mountain, going up until you reach the tip, and when your up, there’s only one way further – back down again. So what do you do when you’ve reached the tip? You enjoy the view, go back down, relax and plan your next mountain 🙂 It takes a lot of success to keep motivated like this, or better – it takes a lot of motivation to be succsessful as. But who wants to be a mountain climber anyway. My mountain would be watching Black Swan this year. But I fear not liking it.
    Aronofsky’s Reqiem for a Dream had a very gruelling plot already.

  • a Bit in love says:

    Of course, I’m also kidding in a way…but I like her – hey, it’s weekend after all!

  • natness says:

    I really like her style. Casual yet not floppy <3

  • starprincess66 says:

    Nice iphone case.

  • a Bit in love says:

    Nat, you need a shoe-psychologist.

  • LH458 says:

    @a Bit in love

    she drive a Mercedes since her Child is born. But i guess she has an contract with MB cause in most of the candid picture Natalie is showing the car key with MB logo…..

  • belencia says:

    i like this outfit, she looks beautiful!
    LH458 hahaha it’s true. First i thought it was a renting car, with that plastic, red and white. The keys of that enooormous hybrid thing.