Jane And Thor Pop Into The Pub

By August 28, 2012Nat-news

Tomorrow I’m going to do an update with some clarifying tidbits about Natalie’s upcoming projects. I was going to mention that Thor 2 shoots in September but that has been pre-empted, if true, by a tweet that Natalie is currently in a bar with Chris Hemsworth. The bar is in a town near Stonehenge and, honestly, it’s already sounding like a scene out of the film.

For a little tease on how the set is coming along, click the thumb below.


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  • LH458 says:

    honestly i’m not really a fan of thor and so on but the upcomming Movie “Jane got a gun” sounds amazing. I also think Natalie is much more motivated in “real stories” than the comic-stuff. And that Michael Fassbender is playing a main role in this movie make this movie really interesting.

    It sounds, unlike Thor 2 and Knight of Cups, that she can show us her talent like in “Closer” or “Leon” and you know………..

  • omgzrachel says:

    I’m with you. The Marvel movies are fun, but Natalie’s character leaves a lot to be desired. I’m much more interested in her upcoming movies/roles that are a little more grounded in reality.

  • cincillo21 says:

    @LH458 Totally agree.
    In Thor she’s just a supporting character, actually not even among the firsts ones and it’s quite hard to see exceptional performances as long as the character are “frozen” in the standards from the comics.
    Malick’s film-making makes characters just fade out behind a deep, metaphysical and obsessive research truth or answers to great questions like life, grace ecc…
    Can’t wait to see her barricading in her house shotgunning waves of bad guys. Wondering how they two are going to survive (if they’re supposed to). But honestly, I’m not really hopeful to see an outstanding performance. Not that bad at all, I’m looking forward for her next projects.

  • JustAnotherFan says:

    That’s only like an hour away from me,I’m so there!

  • LightsCameraReaction says:

    If they go by the comics though, we’ll see a lot more of Jane in this film. Portman should be given more to do, especially with her tense scenes with Odin (Hopkins).