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“Le Figaro” interview

Natalie gave some interviews before her appearance in Canal Plus on Monday. Here is one for Madame Le Figaro, where she talks about her life in Paris, her directorial debut and her upcoming projects:


Here are some interesting quotes:

A Tale of Love and Darkness is an adaptation of the Amos Oz novel, your actors are all of Israel, everyone speaks in Hebrew … Was it important for you to make a isréalien film?

Natalie Portman. – It was important with respect to the work that I have chosen to adapt. This novel by Amos Oz is the first that I have seen fit to cinema, the first one I imagined as a director. This choice has guided all my other decisions. I do not think it is possible to tell that story without an Israeli context. Without Hebrew either. I believe that today the films must turn in the original language, it is over the time when we were shooting in English with a German accent, French, Hebrew or …

The film talking of uprooting. An echo of your own life?

You know, I’m the third generation of my family of immigrants. My grandparents were immigrants, my parents were immigrants, I myself am an immigrant. The film echoes my experience and by extension to a global phenomenon. It is a fact, more and more people know the experience of immigration.

You are an Oscar winner, ultra-recognized, highly respected. It’s hard to be a filmmaker in Hollywood?

There is really now a conscious effort to Hollywood to help and encourage filmmakers. The results are not yet very clear, but the problem is set and we talk more and more to trust women to make films.

Who are your favorite directors?

I am an absolute fan of the Coen brothers, and I love Alexander Payne, David O. Russell and Jane Campion.

What is the program now?

I recently shot a film with Rebecca Zlotowski, Planetarium, I’ll be in Jackie, the biopic signed by Pablo Larraín, and I just started shooting Annihilation, Alex Garland. It’s very nice to be an actor, to let go, to lose too, live in a bubble for a while. As a director, you must always have the eye everywhere, check that everything goes well. But I hope I will again behind the camera one of these days …