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By December 13, 2015Nat-news

Natalie was honoured by TIFF during her appearance earlier this year. We had heard and see bits and pieces from the conversation but now we have the full video. Darren Aronofsky joins her on stage at the 40 minute mark and just after half hour she talks about key characteristics of her directors, which was quite fun. Thanks to Belerofonte and Francesco.


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  • Amo says:


  • natness says:

    I know I´m shallow and sexist, but all I see is legs…

    • Rory Paul says:

      There’s nothing sexist about admiring a stunning beauty like Natalie IMO.

      • natness says:

        No, actually there isn´t. But, well, she´s giving a serious talk, and I find myself staring at her gorgeous legs and equally gorgeous feet that she so elegantly puts on display. Not to mention that beautiful dress. Wow.

        To be honest I don´t even know what she said.

  • namor12a says:

    :Natalie is right…there is a bias in the whole Movie Industry…amongst and among other things she is right…it´s not sexist to say that some movies are made for and by women dressed to impress and wearing high heels, while doing fancy footwork…”Your Highness” could refer to a male carácter but it refers to Natalie as “Your Highness”…and womens reactions are definitely different from male reactions to such movies…

  • namor12a says:

    :Auto-Correct:Character not carácter in:”Natalie is right…”

  • namor12a says:

    :She might be using and flashing her Marriage Ring in her left hand…but she is right…always right…and she has left her mark after 23 (!?¡) years of acting…in front of the camera and now directing as a woman behind the camera…and off camera…

  • Russell Willes says:

    Natalie Portman I am in love with you.

  • achtung_natalie says:

    She seemed a bit…. apathetic? I don’t know, maybe because AToLaD didn’t get that much love from critics and audiences (50% on RT; 6.3 on IMDB).

  • Namor12a says:

    :Natalie Portman during an interview at the People, InStyle, and Entertainment Weekly photo studio at TIFF:http://www.ew.com/article/2015/09/11/natalie-portman-toronto-tale-love-and-darkness