Gavin O’Connor Saddles Up

Well that didn’t take long, Gavin O’Connor has replaced Lynne Ramsay on Jane Got A Gun. Gavin directed the decent sports flick, Miracle, the Norton Farrell cop drama, Pride and Glory, and a flick called Tumbleweeds, which I haven’t seen. But it was his last film, Warrior, that really knocked me on my ass. On paper that film should have been so generic and forgettable, but he infused so much heart and character while still hitting those big sports film beats.

Joel Edgerton starred also starred in Warrior, so perhaps he recommended O’Connor for the job.

There’s no question he’s less of an artist, when compared to Ramsay, but by all accounts the script isn’t challenging in that way. So this could be a good fit. Time will tell.

Filming now begins on Thursday. Check out Deadline for the scoop.