Malick’s Revolving Cast

I’m still playing a bit of catch up. Got tons for you guys.

But tonight I want to update with some outstanding Knight Of Cups and Thor 2 news items. First up is Malick’s Knight Of Cups. His new film, currently untitled and also starring Natalie, will begin filming soon. That is, if KoC ever wraps. I would say that it has surely finished by now, but I’m not sure if that’s the case. What we do know is that Shea Whigham (Take Shelter) and Jason Clarke (Texas Killing Fields) have also filmed for Terry.

Clarke highlights the big hairy reasons why actors are so keen to work with Malick.

“He’s also got the balls to let something run. He knows a piece of work or art or anything creative is going to have its own breathing apparatus; it’s going to walk its own way, if you let it. It could possibly be scary, but it can also be amazing.”

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The flip side of that, and of his enormous casts, is the reality that once he gets into the editing room (with god knows how many hours of footage), he then finds the film he wants to create. Doing so can leave big stars, often with great performances, on the cutting room floor.

Malick has a new film, To The Wonder, opening at Venice in a few days, and new reports detail how Rachel Weisz, Barry Pepper, Amanda Peet and Michael Sheen are all going to have to edit their IMDB profiles, because they did not make the final cut.

Here’s hoping Natalie won’t suffer the same fate.