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Still got lots and lots to update with over the weekend. Just hope my PC plays ball this time.

The Hollywood Reporter has the business details of Jane Got A Gun, which has now secured funding.

– Speaking of JGAG, Michael Fassbender’s rep has denied the rumours linking him to the project. However, I heard from my source that Fassbender is very interested in the project and as long as they can sort out dates that work for him, he will star opposite Natalie.

– Lastly, The Independent has a really nice piece about celebrity voyeurism, and the writer was inspired to write the article after viewing photos of Natalie’s wedding.


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  • LH458 says:

    i hope your source is reliable!

  • omgzrachel says:

    Still hopeful about Fassbender. iirc, Natalie’s own reps have denied her being involved in projects she ended up doing because she was still in the talking stage a couple of time before. Fingers crossed.