Miss Dior Is A Day Early

By February 3, 2015Featured-news, Nat-news

The Miss Dior commercial has arrived a day early and…uh…it looks like a commercial.

There’s also a directors cut, which feels a bit jarring at first but has some beautiful shots and genuine moments of character. Much better for me, what do you guys think?

That’s not all because after the jump we have the behind the scenes video, which has some interview footage with Natalie and a handful of extra cuteness.

A big thanks to Belerofonte.


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  • Kitten says:

    I am wondering if they are unveiling something on the website tomorrow as the 3rd was the original release date for the ad, it was only the teasers gave the date of the 4th, as save the date, and we know through Diors Instagram they have something happening on the 5th too, maybe they are releasing new ads or behind the scenes bits over a few days. I know through Instagram they have released some kind of book/booklet with tons of pics from the Making of, maybe that is going on sale?

  • Belerofonte says:

    The first announcement is more linear, straightforward; the second is more interesting, no doubt about it…

  • edenLiao says:

    there an Anton Corbijn interview too.

  • edenLiao says:

    agree, Anton’s cut is way better then the first one.

  • natness says:

    Natalie defying a parent and escaping her wedding to be free and unbound. Anton Corbijn nailed it in a way that exceeds the dimensions of this commercial and perhaps captured a significant portion of many a fansĀ“ fantasy.

  • D says:

    What is the Bridal bouquet in this commercial made out of? What kind of flower & greenery is it? … The one I’m asking about is the bouquet she throws behind her after she runs/while she is running back up the isle and it drops on the ground.