Natalie for Dior’s The New Nude

By September 5, 2012Nat-news

Cherryvanilla found a new promotional video for Dior’s The New Nude campaign, which features a lot of really nice shots of Natalie posing for the print ads. Hopefully this turns up somewhere in HQ.


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  • natness says:

    Always a pleasure to see Natalie naked. Especially with pumps. But, the shot of her back is… well… slightly disturbing.

  • Herzwerk says:

    She’s too skinny =/

  • Dazza says:

    Hmmm, I dunno. I don’t think you need to be ultra skinny to induce spine and rib action when arching your back. Just regular skinny. Saw Snow White the other night and there was a similar shot of Charlize’s back.

    If she was back in Black Swan territory we would have noticed in candids (assume this was filmed in June when she was in Paris), which is a probably a better gauge than a fashion video with lighting probably set up to accentuate those elements. Trust me, if they didn’t want to show her bones they wouldn’t have. That’s the fashion industry for you.

  • DMarek says:

    IMO she is perfect…yes is rather emaciated, but it’s she…i like it anyway

  • ClarkGablejr. says:

    Such a beautiful face. 😉

  • natness says:

    Maybe they did want to accentuate her bones. I don´t find that esthetically pleasing though, and neither does this whole campaign look like some progressive take on standard fashion campaigns. Hence my feeling that it´s flawed.

    This is not to say that Natalie´s backbone would be a disqualifier if she asked me to be her boyfriend. 🙂

  • AmyB says:

    Odd choice of music. There is nothing natural about makeup!

  • omgzrachel says:

    I’m naturally bony (I can count all of my ribs and my spine juts out, but I’m not underweight), and now I have one more thing to feel self-conscious about after reading these comments, lol

  • natness says:

    Awwww rachel… again, it wouldn´t disqualify you. 😉

  • cincillo21 says:

    It’s not just a question of weight, many have a genetical disposition to gain more or less weight.

    Wouldn’t mind anyhow, she’s so gorgeous. Nice ad, too bad the music is quite uhm, out of place?

  • Dazza says:

    It’s normal, Rach, don’t worry about it. I’ve never been with an ultra skinny girl but have noticed that in certain positions bones can be accentuated on normal girls.

  • ClarkGablejr. says:

    I am pretty sure coming back from being in Black Swan, if I remember right I think heard she was 95 pounds in that flick. Protein shakes will help if she not already drinking them. Its hard to want gain weight just as hard to lose it.

  • a Bit in love says:

    Herzwerk, I agree. PANKACES!

  • omgzrachel says:

    ClarkGablejr., she also had a baby in between Black Swan and now, so it’s not like she really needed to gain a lot of weight back.