It’s been a little while since we had a roundup of smaller Natalie news items, so let’s tick a few things off the list and then later today we’ll update with something a bit more substantial.

– US Weekly seems to think Natalie is going to be taking more time off to spend with Aleph, but we know her film slate is looking quite stacked at the moment so don’t worry Natalie fans, plenty of new films on the way.

– Natalie’s stylist, Kate Young, mentioned that a new fragrance commercial was on the way.

I’m on my way to shoot a Dior fragrance commercial with Natalie Portman. And the next week I’m dressing Gretchen Mol for the Emmys.

– Bad news Marvel fans, the pimped our Marvel Universe Phase One collectors box set has been delayed because a German company (thanks alot Celina) is filing a lawsuit as the briefcase housing the DVD’s is similar to one of their luggage products.

Marvel now expects the collection to arrive in Spring 2013.