Today’s tidbits were dropped from 128000 feet into your living rooms.

– Let’s begin with this new Benjamin interview from The Independent. There are a couple Natalie mentions, including a quote that indicates that they seriously considered having another baby right after Aleph. The decision to wait probably saved the lives of many an impatient Natalie fan 😛

– Natalie now drives a BlueTec Diesel Mercedes, which is apparently very economic. Is it as economic as her old Prius? I don’t know and cars bore me to tears so I’ll let others work that one out.

– This tweeter is apparently going to be making a necklace for a shoot with Natalie. She’s in Austin so maybe it’s not a shoot but rather part of a look for the Malick film?

– Finally, remember that song about Natalie’s tapeworm? Well it’s gone viral and the song writer is getting hate mail from Natalie fans because of it.

I wonder if those angry fans have heard the song? If you can make it more than 5 words you’re doing well.

It’s news items like this that really make wish we were still doing the NP.COMic :-/