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Today’s tidbits were dropped from 128000 feet into your living rooms.

– Let’s begin with this new Benjamin interview from The Independent. There are a couple Natalie mentions, including a quote that indicates that they seriously considered having another baby right after Aleph. The decision to wait probably saved the lives of many an impatient Natalie fan 😛

– Natalie now drives a BlueTec Diesel Mercedes, which is apparently very economic. Is it as economic as her old Prius? I don’t know and cars bore me to tears so I’ll let others work that one out.

– This tweeter is apparently going to be making a necklace for a shoot with Natalie. She’s in Austin so maybe it’s not a shoot but rather part of a look for the Malick film?

– Finally, remember that song about Natalie’s tapeworm? Well it’s gone viral and the song writer is getting hate mail from Natalie fans because of it.

I wonder if those angry fans have heard the song? If you can make it more than 5 words you’re doing well.

It’s news items like this that really make wish we were still doing the NP.COMic :-/


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  • filipeotavio says:

    Dazza, is it more easy to find you on Twitter or Facebook (if you have one) ?

  • whenpukedries says:

    I don’t really buy that Ben hasn’t capitalized on Natalie’s fame as indicated by the woman’s comment in the article. I think it’s been especially apparent. However, I like it and I think it shows Natalie as a very generous spirit. He’s an artist too, and by all accounts a very disciplined and successful dancer, and I think it’s admirable that he’s been able to have opportunities that a ballet dancer never ordinarily would encounter. Being the face of a cologne, being interviewed by major publications and such would have never happened without Natalie’s fame. But I think it rocks. I think it’s a godsend for him to have so many opportunities now. It kinda sours the truth to say he’s acting only out of his own accord though, which he didn’t say of course, somebody else did. It shows ingenuity in both Natalie and Ben this way.

  • Adonis says:

    “Absolutely Stratospheric News:”
    Natalie will also eventually expand their family with another child – “great” I’m sure that Natalie knows exactly what to do about career and family … She is an intelligent woman.

  • filipeotavio says:

    Natalie at the Austin City Limits Festival this sunday afternoon pic.twitter.com/2IcHNk2E

  • filipeotavio says:

    Natalie and Fassbender at ACL Fest pic.twitter.com/3GianUop

  • PatrynXX says:

    Diesel might be economic but it’s not very green and Natalie is usually a green person so bit surprised about that. 🙁

  • Dazza says:

    Filipe – I get most of your tweets sent to my phone (some don’t make it for some reason) but can’t always update or reply right then and there.

    If you want to post news where others can see straight away, the best place is the Natalie news and photos threads on the forum.

  • belencia says:

    the independent interview is very nice and interesting, thanks Dazza.