Save us, tidbits, you’re our only hope.

– Natalie came in at number 32 on VH1’s ongoing 100 Greatest Kid Stars list. I’m trying to be objective here but doesn’t that seem a bit low? She’s one place above Ben Savage for crying out loud!

– When I heard back from my source about the earlier O’Dowd update, I was told that Natalie is still filming in London. Kitten found some confirmation of that with this sighting today, which included an eff you from Natalie’s bodyguard.

Marvel are obviously doing a good job locking things down but it’s surprising that there haven’t been any paparazzi shots of Natalie, except for those early set photos from fans. Maybe all the Brit photographers are assigned to Kate Middleton.

– Finally, if you haven’t voted in our “super important seriously I wouldn’t lie to you” poll about Hesher, GET VOTING!