Time for another batch of mini news items. Just two today…

– The Playlist have done lists for their most anticipated films and mainstream films for 2013. Unfortunately no Natalie films made the first list, which isn’t surprising given that there are no guarantee’s we’ll see either of the Malick films or Jane Got A Gun until 2014. However, on the mainstream side they did mention Thor 2.

Director Kenneth Branagh brought his theatrical chops to the first film, but here he’s been replaced by “Game Of Thrones” vet Alan Taylor, the theory being that costumes, swords and British accents are areas of expertise for certain filmmakers. This does sound more overtly plotty in a trivial comic book way than other recent Marvel films, and a more epic sweep is promised, but we hope that Taylor retains the better parts of the first film too; the humor, and the romance, which worked a little better than in most other Marvel pictures.

– Speaking of Thor, could Natalie be back to the UK for filming? After her NY sighting earlier in the week, she was then spotted at Newark Airport. Thanks to Kitten.