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Just a couple new mini updates for you guys. I think Rachel will be around later with something a bit more exciting.

– When I read this interview with Zero Dark Thirty actor (and man he’s great in it) Jason Clarke, I thought for a moment that the title of the second Terrence Malick film had been revealed. But when I read it back…nope, still a mystery. However, there are a couple quotes about the production of Knight Of Cups and what it’s like to work with Terrence Malick…might be of interest to some.

And what was “Knight of Cups” like?
It was just hilarious! Well Terry is a guy where you get 20 pages of dialogue, this extraordinarily in-depth dialogue, and then you’ll learn it and try and shoot it. But Terry’s not after anything that’s ordained or set up. He’s creating an environment where he just wants to capture something that’s alive.

Are you in it enough that you can’t be cut out of it?
You never know with Terrence Malick. I remember when I told Jess, she said, “Just so you know, you might not end up in the film.” There were so many people coming in and out and he’s out there doing his thing. There’s a craziness and a wonderfulness and a freedom but he’s got great motives and aspirations. He’s interested in pursuing things.

– Artist Jeff Victor did a great piece, found by Stefan and Rachel, showing the evolution of Natalie. Really cute, dontcha think?

Natalie final


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  • jesslv74 says:

    Cute, though I think some of the movie choices were a bit off. Like maybe “Beautiful Girls” and “Closer” and even “Anywhere But Here.” But then those are lesser known movies I guess. She won a Golden Globe for “Closer” so that seems like an important one in her career.

  • Adonis says:

    Very well done by J. Victor, it shows Natalie’s amazing career from their first to the last movie! Had it not been for LEON, surely everything would be different … My God, a nightmare to think of it.
    But luckily there was this blockbuster (more are sure to follow) what Natalie also made ​​to what it is today – a great actress with lots of fans around the world.