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Actor Clifton Collins Jnr, who worked with Natalie on Brothers, is promoting a new TV show with an interview to ET. Clifton has spoken about his crush on Natalie before, and it sounds like this hasn’t changed much as he discusses working with Natalie again on the Untitled Terrence Malick film.

More than that, we learn that the film sounds incredibly sexually charged, which shouldn’t be surprising given the synopsis that we’ve been given along with the sexy outfits that Natalie was wearing to set.

I’m sure glad I gave this film my vote in the current Charlie Awards category 😛 Thanks to Fanatical for the find.

ETonline: You’ve been in a lot of testosterone-heavy movies. How does this one stack up?
Collins: It’s up there, for sure. There are so many great moments with the monsters and the robots, that it really was pretty testosterone-y. Although, there were some intensely magical moments in the second Malick movie I made that I had to journal about. Like watching Natalie Portman sashaying in a tight dress, while back-lit by the sun setting in Austin was enough to set off anyone’s testosterone.

ETonline: There have been rumors that Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling share a threesome in that movie. What can you say about its sexual content?
Collins: Oh yeah, the whole thing is very sexual. It’s definitely led to some moments of me wondering, “Where the hell am I?” I mean, Benicio [Del Toro] and Fassbender are there while Natalie is looking sexy and this beautiful woman is straddling me. It gets pretty intense.

ETonline: Every actor has a story about working with Malick. What’s been your experience?
Collins: Malick is very much an impressionistic filmmaker. It’s almost as if the entire world was created just so Malick could shoot it. It’s fascinating as an artist to work with him because he’s always working in such different styles; it’s almost like I worked with three different directors. He’s loving and kind and considerate and a lover of film. He’s not an egomaniac and there’s something so precious about how true he is to his artform. The whole world is Malick’s stage. It’s like the Jimi Hendrix of directing.


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  • Narkel says:

    It’s gonna be very interesting, Heather Kafka is playing Rooney Mara’s sister and she says her character (who has cancer) has an “intimate interaction with Fassbender and Gosling”.
    Also, bad news for Fassbender fans, Indiewire is reporting that he is out and Jude Law is in, for Jane Got A Gun.

  • rryq says:

    Fassbender won’t be in Jane,what a disappointment! Fine,still can come to terms with that. So now Joel Edgerton becomes the ex-lover,Jude Law the gang,who is the husband???