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I’m going to shift the next Charlie Awards category to tomorrow, because the Jane Got A Gun news is crying out for a poll. Just want to clarify something, Kara posted in the comments saying that she thought Joel Edgerton was previously going to play the husband role, not the villain. I checked and it seems she is right. The confusion in THR article is in the fact that the husband is also the leader of the gang of outlaws. So in that sense I guess he is a villain, but the film’s primary villain and antagonist is someone else (possibly Rodrigo Santoro). So now Joel is playing the ex lover and Jude the husband.

I think…

In any case, here is that poll!

As for the last poll, the results were as I expected. See if you are similarly unsurprised by hitting the jump.



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  • omgzrachel says:

    Deadline Hollywood said differently. “Edgerton would play John Bishop, the leader of the gang coming to kill Hammond’s husband.” Which is correct?

  • Dazza says:

    See, that’s what I thought it was but reading reports when Edgerton joined most were saying husband AND gang leader. I sent a mail out, maybe I’ll get clarification.

  • Jack says:

    Any update on the film Natalie might be doing with Tom Hanks?

  • Dazza says:

    I asked my source about it at the end of the year and they said it was hopefully still happening. Obviously still a lot of stuff that needed to happen for the project to be fully gearing up.

  • VinnyBlue says:

    I read from some news, it is said that Fassbender supposed to be the ex-lover who helps Jane, Joel E supposed to be the villain (leader of the gang) but since Fassbender out, Joel E. took the ex-lover role and the villain goes to Jude Law.

  • VinnyBlue says:

    forgot to add, the husband supposed to be the former leader of the gang but he’s killed, the villain is the new leader who took revenge. that’s what I read the most. the shooting is starting next month it still can change though~~~

  • Kià says:

    Jude Law is a wonderful actor,i like it so much…….no metter..Fassbender is in the next Terrence Mallik’s movie. Natalie will be amazing anyway.