Feel like it’s been awhile since we’ve had enough mini news items for one of these. Enjoy!

Just Jared are suggesting that Chris Hemsworth might be heading back for Thor 2 reshoots. That’s obviously speculation and we don’t know if Natalie would also be needed, but definitely something to keep an eye on. If she does show up in the UK again then it could be the reason for Jane Got A Gun being pushed back. Thanks to Kitten.

– Next up, Natalie stylist, Kate Young, has been named the 4th most powerful stylist in Hollywood by the appropriately titled magazine, The Hollywood Reporter. I’m sure Kate must be dying to dress Natalie up for some red carpet looks. Sadly, we’re still half a year away from any red carpet strutting. Thanks to Iktriad.

– And finally, Marty’s Ex posted on the forum that he has a number of Natalie Portman magazine clippings that he’d happily send to a Natalie fan. Take a look at them and if you’re interested sign up to the forum and send him a PM or reply in the thread.