Jane Got A Husband

Willie, you should have waited. In Natalie’s second feature film, Beautiful Girls, she played the mature beyond her years Marty, who briefly makes small town returning, Willie, wonder if he’s developing a crush on this young girl.

In the film, the one and only friend of Willie’s that is settled down with a family, is played by Noah Emmerich (who you’ll surely remember as the best friend in Truman Show) and now it has been announced that Emmerich has been cast as Jane’s husband in Jane Got A Gun.

Noah has worked with director, Gavin O’Connor, on almost everything that he’s done. So clearly they have a strong relationship. It’s strange at first, given the age difference, but I guess things were a lot different back then. Willie and Marty were just born at the wrong time in history.

Thanks to Andre and Kitten.