Thor 2 Trailer Teaser

I’m not sure if anyone here is hyped enough for Thor: The Dark World to get excited about spoilers for its trailer, but is reporting that it debuted at the Disney Consumer Show 2013 in Mexico City. They’ve translated a review of the trailer from Marvel Cómics México:

It starts with a voiceover, is Thor, you see some scenes of a big battle and then Jane Foster and other humans running scared cause something is “coming”. Thor says: “I promised I would return for you” as we see Thor arriving Earth to take Jane to Asgard.

Apparently the fight scenes are pretty awesome, and the trailer show that Thor is out of Malekith’s league, in fact we can see a very damaged and tired God of Thunder. And since he’s no match for the Dark Elve, the mighty Avenger will have to search for help. This lead us to a scene where we see a big crystal prision and there’s someone sit on the ground. It’s Loki.
Thor says: I need your help, but if you betray me…I will kill you. Loki smiles and answers: What do I have to do?

Then we see another scene of Thor figthing Malekith while Jane is watching. Malekith looks threatening. Jane looks terrified. Thor looks overwhelmed. Malekith stares at Jane and Thor yells: NOOOOO!

The trailer for Thor: The Dark World will show with the opening of Iron Man 3 on the 25th of April. Thanks to Kitten for the heads up.