We’ve got a solid gold set of mini news updates today so let’s jump straight in.

– Pride And Prejudice And Zombies is back from the dead once again. Director number 4 is on board and that is the hilariously named, Burr Steers. His first film, Igby Goes Down, was really good but he hasn’t done anything since then to make me really excited about this project. Actress Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror) looks set to star.

All and all a big step down from when Natalie and David O Russell were on board. Natalie is of course still producing. Thanks to Maribel.

– If this is accurate, we can cross Jake Gyllenhaal off the list of possible villains for Jane Got A Gun. Thanks to Kitten.

– Speaking of JGAG, Fanatical found an interview with Joel Edgerton, promoting The Great Gatsby, in which he weighs in on the situation. Sounds like the adversity has proven to be a uniting factor for many of the cast and crew and, as we all suspected, he had a hand in bringing Gavin O’Connor in to direct. He also paints Lynne Ramsay in a better light, while still obviously not agreeing with how she went about leaving the project.