Good Word For Jane

More encouraging words coming out from behind the scenes of Jane Got A Gun. Of course one could be cynical and say that the people invested in it are hardly going to do anything but build it up…but maybe things are progressing well on camera at least.

The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with the co-chair of Exclusive Media, who are one of the production companies handling the film. Here are the comments, which includes a line about how Natalie is really putting a lot into keeping the film on track.

THR: Exclusive is handling Natalie Portman’s Jane Got a Gun. Are you worried the project will fall apart now that Bradley Cooper has dropped out?

Sinclair: Every film has a life of its own. And in the case of Jane, you have a really powerful script, and when one director [Lynne Ramsay] dropped out, they found another great director immediately [Gavin O’Connor]. And Natalie’s commitment and leadership is holding the film in place. I’m confident it will get made. As Sherry Lansing once said, the more stress there is, the better the film is creatively.

Thanks to Fanatical and Maribel.