Thor Rumours

Comicbookmovies is reporting a rumour, and I stress the word RUMOUR, that Thor 2’s composer, Carter Burwell, had left the production. Apparently he had Thor 2 listed on his website but removed all mention of the film, and then a forum poster with a good reputation confirmed that he was off.

Another composer called Christopher Willis (X-Men First Class) tweeted that he is now working on the film but WITH Burwell.

All of this is interesting but, hell, it’s composers. There aren’t many of us who care too much one way or the other. However, check out the second sentence from the forum poster mentioned above…

FYI, I checked with a REALLY WELL INFORMED SOURCE and it was confirmed. Carter is off the film. It also appears so is the director who seems to have been asked to take a long vacation until AFTER the film opens.

Surely not 😀

Thanks to Maribel for the find.