Nice batch of mini news updates today so let’s hop to it…

– The Playlist has a list, inspired by Kick Ass 2, of the most memorable child killers. Mathilda gets a mention, which is both cool and curious. Curious because, unless my brain is failing me, I don’t recall Mathilda killing anyone. Even in the longer cut, which has Mathilda joining Leon on a job, she only fires a paintgun. The idea for the article are to find kids who could “murder the shit out of you”, but despite the training, when Mathilda tries to take that step, she proves that she is just a kid and not up to it at all.

– Good news for those of you who like seeing Natalie on the big screen but wish she could be just a little bit bigger. Thor: The Dark World will be releasing in IMAX 3D. Thanks to Maribel for the heads up.

– Finally, mainly for our French visitors, Garcy found a 7 minute video about Natalie and Benjamin. Presumably there’s nothing new in it, although if there is, please let us know in the comments section.