Thor Tidbits

I’ve got a few outstanding Thor items to post, so let’s save some trees by squishing them all into one update. Okay, that makes no sense but just go with me on this one.

– In talking about Thor, Natalie has possibly revealed that a female superhero is on the way. Of course it’s just as likely she isn’t talking from inside knowledge, rather just an educated guess that it’s something that will happen sooner rather than later…although have people already forgotten Catwoman? To be fair people had already forgotten about it approximately one week after opening.

But you can hit the link to read that quote. I’m more interested about Natalie commenting on Patty Jenkins losing the Thor 2 gig. We know Natalie pushed hard for her and the rumours were that she was incredibly upset when Patty was replaced. Natalie’s quite backs up the rumours, although she doesn’t throw actual director Alan Taylor under the bus either.

“I was very upset because Patty [Jenkins] is a wonderful woman,” she tells SciFiNow. “I was excited to work with her but I understood why she chose to leave and Alan [Taylor] is really wonderful, so it was bittersweet.”

– The extended Thor 2 trailer arrived during the week and it’s taken this long for me to post it (within a tidbits update) because I really can’t tell what’s different about it.

– Finally, Comicbookmovie have an interview with Alan Taylor and he reveals that Avengers writer and director, Joss Whedon, was brought in to polish script scenes that weren’t working.