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Natalie On Fallon And More Tidbits

Before we get to the other tidbits, the great news that Natalie will be appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday the 8th. I might not be tearing my hair out in anticipation for Thor: The Dark World, but I have to admit that the appearances, premieres, magazine covers…all that good stuff has definitely made it worthwhile, regardless of what happens with the film.

Onto the tidbits…

– Staying on Thor, the reviews continue to be quite positive as the 84% on RT would attest. Although the average rating of 6.6 still shows that there aren’t many positive raves. I liked this review from Devin Faraci, who was not a huge admirer of the first film. Here’s a pull quote about Natalie…

Reports that Natalie Portman wasn’t psyched about returning as Jane Foster be damned, she’s really doing a great job here in a role that could be fainting damsel in distress but transcends that.

– One more Thor tidbit – the film opened in some European territories this week and the opening is stronger than the first film. All looking good on the business side as well.

– Finally, thanks to Fiona for sending in a cover scan from the Australia edition of Elle.