Really nice batch of mini news items for you guys today.

– This THR report of the NY event had a potentially very interesting tidbit hidden within.

“We have a couple of documentaries going right now, one of which is Eating Animals, which I’m really excited about — the documentary adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s book,” she said.

We know about Eating Animals but it sounds like there’s at least one other documentary in the works, and I doubt she’s talking about the Naharin documentary. Hopefully more info on this sooner rather than later.

– A small update in the Jane Got A Gun producers versus Lynne Ramsay suit. Ramsay, via her lawyers, has released her first statement since she failed to show for the film’s first day of production. Will the film ever be able to match the behind the scenes drama?

– Natalie and her Audrey Hepburn eyes makes THR’s “Hollywood’s Most Important Beauty Products of 2013”.

Thanks to Maribel, Andre and Iktriad.