Garden State Coming To Bluray

By January 27, 2014Nat-news

Well that took long enough. A decade on, Garden State is finally coming to Bluray on March 4th. I’m sure this is happy news for a lot of Natalie fans, and if you’re looking to see Sam and Large in HD, hit the Amazon link below to pre-order. In doing so we get a tiny referral fee. Thanks to Jess.


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  • Belerofonte says:

    I have it in a while. In Spain was edited a couple of years ago (for once we anticipate USA :)). Wonderful movie.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Took them long enough! Tiny referral fee headed your way (plus some HQ caps for the gallery finally ofc).

  • Boshudi says:

    Nat exhibits irresistible chemistry in this movie, believable and very cute… more like this! Sry but forget Thor…