Man, news has been so scarce we’ve hardly even had mini news items for a tidbits update. Well, times they are a-changin’, because we’ve finally got enough for an update. So…

– Thor 3 has landed itself a pair of writers in Craig Kyle (produced both Thor films) and Christopher Yost (co-wrote Thor 2) so…errr…woohoo?

– Speaking of Thor, here is a preview of the second film’s gag reel, as a way to promote the upcoming home video release. There are a couple cute but fleeting Natalie moments.

– Finally, The Playlist has a feature on the 25 films which defined the Sundance Film Festival. Garden State makes the list

How Big Did It Get? The film was helped by a smart rollout strategy that kept it playing regional festivals and advance Q&A screenings prior to its wider theatrical release, so it picked up several “breakthrough” type awards and built word-of-mouth. It ended up pulling in $35.8 million worldwide, making it hugely profitable even after having been bought for $5 million (twice its production budget), and earned Braff a Grammy for the indie pop, Shins-heavy soundtrack. But beyond the numbers, “Garden State” was an early example of what has come to be seen as kind of the Platonic ideal of the Sundance movie, for better or worse: independent but with recognizable stars; helmed by a first-timer destined to be hailed as a wunderkind; dealing with the neurotic, white, middle class American experience.

Thanks to Lightscamerareaction and Belerofonte.